Everything BLACK

Juneteenth Book Fair & Expo
June 19th @ 7 pm

The Juneteenth Book Fair and Expo, sponsored by The Light Center, is a vibrant event celebrating African American culture and heritage with the theme "Everything Black." This event invites vendors to participate by purchasing tables, creating a dynamic marketplace for books, art, crafts, and other cultural items.

*Key Features:*

1. *Vendor Participation*: Vendors can purchase tables to showcase and sell their products. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses and artisans to connect with a diverse audience and promote their offerings.

2. *Free Classes*: Aspiring writers can attend free classes designed to hone their skills. These classes may cover various aspects of writing, from crafting compelling narratives to understanding the publishing process.

3. *Performances and Workshops*: The event will feature rap and spoken word performances, offering a platform for artists to share their work and engage with the audience. These performances celebrate the rich tradition of African American storytelling and musical expression.

4. *Special Seminars*: Attendees can participate in seminars that span a range of topics within Science, Technology, Art, and Music (STEAM). These seminars aim to inspire and educate, showcasing the contributions of Black individuals in these fields and encouraging the next generation to explore these areas.

*Sponsorship and Donations:*

The event is sponsored by The Light Center. We are actively seeking additional sponsors and donations, particularly for new books that highlight African American culture. Contributions will help enrich the event and support our mission of celebrating and promoting Black excellence in literature, art, and innovation.

Overall, the Juneteenth Book Fair and Expo is an enriching experience that highlights Black excellence, providing a space for community, learning, and celebration.

Become a Vendor or Sponsor

Please read, sign and submit with confirmation of payment via email at info@tlcfl.org, US mail or drop off: The Light Church 1100 NW 4th Street, Fort Lauderdale Florida 33311 ATTN: Juneteeth Book Fair and Expo